A series of pictures of different lab equipment associated with DNA processing.


Sanger Sequencing

Yale Users
External Users
Full Service–we receive unpurified PCR products and proceed with Standard Service (cost included)
Tubes $3.90 $6.15
96-well Plates $225 $335
Standard Service–we receive PCR and Plasmids previously purified and mixed with primers
Tubes $2.90 $5.00  
96-well Plate $144 $255  
Run-Ready–we receive template previously amplified with Big Dye v3.1
Tubes or 96-well plates $1.00 $2.10 per sample  

Fragment Analysis

Yale Users
External Users
Size standard added by us $1.00 per sample $1.25 per sample
Size standard already added $.75 per sample $1.00 per sample

Cell Line Authentication using Promega GenePrint® 10 System

Yale Users
External Users
Full Service $100 per sample $132 per sample
Run-Ready  $40 per sample $68 per sample
Rates subject to change, rates are evaluated quarterly. Effective as of September 14, 2017