A series of pictures of different lab equipment associated with DNA processing.

Plasticware Preparation


We prefer 8-strip or single 0.2 ml PCR tubes. We accept 1.5 ml tubes but they slow us down.

1. Number the caps to correspond to the GeneSifter Order form, 1, 2, 3, etc. DO NOT put complicated, messy or discontinuous names on caps.

2. Initial and number the side of tubes. We handle hundreds of samples every day. Initials on the sides are very important! Picture of how to Initial and number the side of tubesImagine us walking from the refrigerator to our lab bench and dropping a plate (that has NEVER happened) and we have to reassemble the plate, we’d be in big trouble if there were 4 orders of 8-strip tubes and no initials. Also, after caps are removed we may need to cross reference the physical plate with our computer records. In the rare event that data is returned that is not yours, we can reference the physical tubes which are saved as assembled for 2 weeks.


We accept all types of 96-well plates. We prefer semi-skirted, without a raised rim. 

1. Label side of plate with the GeneSifter Tracking ID.

2. Load samples in columns, where “A1” is sample 1, “B1” is sample 2, etc. Do not put water in the empty wells of the plate.

Picture of how to load samples in columns