A series of pictures of different lab equipment associated with DNA processing.


Yale Affiliates

Provide a Workday COA. If you do not have access to this information please ask your PI or Business Office. These numbers are assigned to every distinct award/fund/grant, at Yale that needs its own budget. This number is unique to your project and is used on forms and in correspondence with your Department Business Office to make sure money gets deducted from the correct account. You’re only given the necessary parts of the number and will be prompted for this information when an order is placed in GeneSifter.

External Affiliates- By Credit Card

When an invoice is received please call 203-432-7394 with credit card information.

External Affiliates- By Purchase Order

Establish a Purchase Order (PO) through your Business Office. If our Facility is an approved Vendor you’ll simply need to ask for a PO. Think of a PO like a validation code, most Universities require them, a PO insures 1) that your University allows you to do Business with us (they have all of our tax information), and 2) that funds are available from the source that you’ve designated.

If we need to be set up as a Vendor in your Institutions system, provide your Business or Procurement Office with a copy of our W-9 (PDF).

Federal Employer ID # 06-0646973
CT Tax Registration # 0497099-000
Exemption Permit # E00015

So what do you do with this magic PO Number? When Orders are submitted through GeneSifter, we require this PO number to complete the submission (this way we make sure you’ve done your Homework-see paragraph above). Once the Order is complete an Invoice is generated, the invoice will reference the PO.

The invoice is then emailed to the designated party (the Bill to e-mail address- provided by you in GeneSifter and saved as a default for future use) and then this party has to submit the Invoice to a Business Office or Accounts Payable Department with approval to pay the invoice. At that time a check is cut or an electronic funds transfer is sent to us.

Finally (after all that work!!) we receive the payment, apply it to the invoice and the invoice is marked as complete.

Remit checks payable to Yale DNA Analysis Facility to:

Yale EEB Business Office
PO Box 208106
165 Prospect Street, OML Rm 122
New Haven, CT 06520

External Affiliates- Electronic funds transfer (EFT) or ACH are acceptable forms of payment.

Contact us for more information. All fees, taxes and surcharges, applied by initiating bank and third party intermediary banks, typical for international transfers, are the responsibility of the payer, and must be included in the transfer.

**Note about Debt**
Invoices must be paid in a timely manner. Users with invoices that are outstanding for more than 60 days will receive a Past Due notification. After 90 days the user’s login privileges will be suspended, no orders will be processed until confirmation that payment of invoices has been initiated. All prepaid accounts must be kept current, services will be suspended if an account goes above the maximum allowed balance.