A series of pictures of different lab equipment associated with DNA processing.


1. Include a printed copy your GeneSifter order with samples. 

2. Dry or wet ice is not necessary for any external shipments, except run-ready sequencing samples, when ice packs are recommended in warmer months. All other samples are stable at room temperature. 


     Internal users: place .2ml tube of your choice in a plastic bag.

     External users: wrap .2ml tubes of your choice with parafilm (but don’t go crazy) to ensure caps do not pop off during shipment. We assume this is due to pressure changes in the cargo hold if transported by plane and/or less than gentle handling by the carriers. Place tubes inside additional protective packaging to ensure tubes do not get crushed during shipment. We suggest a 50ml falcon tube or bubble wrap. Write the GeneSifter tracking ID on the falcon tube. Do not put loose tubes inside of an unpadded envelope! They will crack, and the caps will pop open during transit.


1. Label 96-well PCR plate with the GeneSifter Tracking ID- on the side of a semi skirted plate, or the top of a non-skirted plate. Do not label outer packaging only. When this is removed there needs to be a Tracking ID on the physical plate.

2. Lids:

    Internal users: Use strip caps. Adhesive seals are risky and can sometimes lead to cross contamination.

    External users: Use strip caps. Adhesive seals are risky and can sometimes lead to cross contamination. DO NOT use adhesive seals of any kind! We often see cross contamination between wells due to migration of liquid out of wells during transit. Seal plates with strip caps and wrap plates with parafilm. Then sandwich the plate (sealed with strip caps) between two pieces of styrofoam or empty tip box inserts and tape those tightly (with clear packing tape or duct tape) to keep the caps firmly secured.

External Shipping-Do not use the U.S. Postal Service

DNA Analysis Facility on Science Hill
Attn: Carol Mariani
170 Whitney Ave
ESC Room 150
New Haven, CT 06511
Phone: 203-432-7394

Packages are received by a Yale staffed shipping area in our building and brought to our facility within the hour.

International customers: please print a copy of this letter (PDF) and include it in the outer packaging. If samples are retained by customs or U.S. Fish and Wildlife this letter ensures a quick release.