A series of pictures of different lab equipment associated with DNA processing.

Campus Drop Locations

Our Laboratory: 8:30am-5:30pm Monday thru Friday

We are located in the Environmental Science Center, at 21 Sachem Street, Room 150. ESC is open to the public during the school year but during the summer months card access is needed. Those without card access can call our lab 203-432-7394 for entry. There are 2 entrances to the lab, one is through the lab door (Room 150), or a walk through the offices (Rooms 138-142). Samples shoudl be placed in the under counter refrigerator located to the right of the chemical fume hood. If the lab and offices are locked, deposit samples in the clear hanging wall folder mounted on the wall to the left of the white lab door (Room 150).

Central Campus/Science Hill: Samples are retrieved after 1 pm Monday thru Friday

Yale Science Building, 1st floor mailroom 194B - clear plastic box on countertop

Bass Center, 2nd floor mailbox area - clear plastic box on bottom shelf

Medical School: Samples are retrieved via Courier Services at 12 pm Monday thru Friday

Sterling Hall of Medicine, outside Room SHM I 145 -enter Sterling from Cedar St., take a left, go to the end of hall, at the rotunda and take a right. Look for a wall mounted gray mesh hanging file folder near the Dept. of Genetics community Kitchen.

The Anlyan Center, 300 Cedar Street, just outside S130/S128 -enter from street, go up main stairs, take left through double doors, pass elevators/stairs, hanging file folder on the right side of a metal file cabinet just outside of S130/S128.

300 George Street, room behind security desk -a hanging file folder on a cork board inside the mailroom on left hand wall

West Campus: Samples are retrieved via Courier Services ~10 am and ~2 pm

850 West Campus (B24) -3rd floor near freight elevator, clear plastic box labeled as DNA Analysis Facility

840 West Campus (B31-ABC building) -end of 2nd floor between rooms 211 and 215 clear plastic box labeled as DNA Analysis Facility