A series of pictures of different lab equipment associated with DNA processing.


Our Core facility was founded in 2003 and expanded in 2005 with funds from NSF Instrumentation Development Grant (#0500993). In 2008 a generous gift from the Yale Provost allowed us to upgrade our Applied Biosystems Genetic Analyzer from a 48 to a 96-capillary. In 2010, with funds from NIH Equipment Grant (1S10 RR025478-01) we upgraded additional equipment to ensure we operate an efficient and cost effective Core Facility capable of delivering high quality data with reasonable turnaround times.

We will close as of June 30, 2021. This decision was made after considerable analysis of revenue losses at present and in the foreseeable future. While our staff is saddened about this development, our primary concern going forward will be to maintain our commitment to support your research. For the last 15+ years our focus has been providing sanger sequencing results that exceed industry standards and offering an in-depth knowledge of Fragment Analysis with a focus on microsatellites for population genetics. We processed over 2.5 million samples, employed dozens of undergraduate students, and many Research Assistants. To those of you who trusted us- some the entire journey from grad school to tenured professors, we can’t thank you enough! It has been a great privilege to assist with your research.

Our new focus will be to help you transition to a different facility. We will gradually phase out services over the course of the next 6 months. This will help us concentrate our efforts with assisting our users who require troubleshooting support and time to find a new vendor. Our fragment analysis users can expect close collaboration as they switch to new instruments. The phased deadlines are detailed below. While we will make every effort to accommodate exceptions, we hope to have your assistance with the phased approach. Exception to our timeline: We will offer sanger sequencing and fragment analysis services to any prepaid users who need to spend down balances until June 18th.

February 26, 2021: Phase one- discontinuation of the following:

-sanger sequencing services for external users

-full service sanger sequencing (PCR purification) for internal and external users

-human cell line authentication services for internal and external users

April 2, 2021: Phase two- discontinuation of sanger sequencing services for internal users

May 21, 2021: Phase three- discontinuation of fragment analysis services for external users

June 18, 2021: All services end.

We have already begun the process of working closely together with Yale Keck DNA Sequencing and they are ready and able to assist with accepting our users. We will train their staff to perform fragment analysis services with all the same instrument parameters and reagents; they are well versed with sanger sequencing and offer all the same services as us. We are confident this will allow for an exact reproduction in data and eliminate the need to calibrate datasets. A separate email with details will be sent after the New Year.

We encourage you to develop a plan to download all of your data folders and order information sheets as soon as possible. At present we do not know when the hosting of the data server will expire.

Our sincere hope is to help you find a new home for processing your samples with the same great customer service and troubleshooting support you’ve come to expect from our Facility.