A series of pictures of different lab equipment associated with DNA processing.


Sequencing Services

Yale Users
External Users
Standard Service–purified PCR products or Plasmids
Tubes $2.90 $5.00
96-well Plate $144 $255
Run-Ready–samples already cycle sequenced with Big Dye v3.1 We perform DTR purification and run on 3730xl
Tubes or 96-well plates $1.00 $2.10 per sample
Add on services
1/16 Chemistry (less Big Dye very short fragments) $-0.25 per sample
1/4 Chemistry (more Big Dye for longer fragments) $0.50 per sample
1/2 Chemistry (more Big Dye BAC’s and Fosmid) $1.40 per sample
Difficult Template add Enhancer for $2.00 per sample

Fragment Analysis

Yale Users
External Users
Size standard added by us $1.00 per sample $1.25 per sample
Size standard already added $.75 per sample $1.00 per sample

Cell Line Authentication

Yale Users
External Users
Full Service GenePrint 10 system only $100 per sample $132 per sample
Standard Service (GenePrint 10 only) $40 per sample $68 per sample
Prices subject to change, rates are evaluated quarterly. Prices updated September 14, 2017